Photoshop Tutorial

Title : Photoshop Tutorial
Author : University of Chicago Computer Science Instructional Laboratory
Language : English
Page : 8 Pages
Size : 630 KB
Categories : photoshop

*1 Getting Started
1.1 File ! New
1.2 A Few Words About Color
*2 Saving Your File
2.1 File ! Save As
2.2 Popular Format Choices, Explained
2.3 File ! Save For Web
*3 Size Issues
*4 Simple Photo Re-Touching
4.1 Using the Rubber Stamp Tool
4.2 Cutting Out an Image
4.3 Overlaying Two Images
4.3.1 For Example
*5 Text Special Effects
*6 Resources for Further Photoshop Study
6.1 Web Resources
6.2 Live Courses

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How I Made Over $100,000 Online Flipping Websites!

Title : How I Made Over $100,000 Online Flipping Websites!
Author : NN
Language : English
Page : 4 Pages
Size : 255 KB
Categories : internet marketing


Who is The Site Flipper?
The Site Flipper’s Secret
Website Flipping Strategies
Buying Strategies
Building Strategies
Marketing Strategies
Selling Strategies
How to Flip Websites
Step 1 – Choose A Niche
Step 2 – Register A Domain
Step 3 – Sign Up For Web Hosting
Step 4 – Buy or Build A Website
Step 5 – Establish Your Website
Step 6 – Write a Sales Letter
Step 7 – Sell Your Website
Step 8 – Repeat Process
Case Studies
$100,000 Website Niches
The $7,600 Flip
The $5,000 Flip
The $15,199 Flip
The $50,000 Flip
The $500 Flip
The $1,650 Flip
The $100 Flip
The $1,500 Flip
The $150 Flip
The $300 Flip
The $4,200 Flip
The $3,600 Flip
The Secret $379,000 Flip
The World’s Ugliest Website Flip
Page 3 of 4
 Copyright The Site Flipper – all rights reserved
Website Flipping Methods
The Internet Marketing Elite
How to Flip Websites Using Resell Rights
How to Replicate Popular Websites
How to Increase the Value of Your Website
How to Establish Your Website’s Traffic & Revenue
Other Site Flip Business Models
Make Money Writing Sales Letters
Make Money Brokering Websites
Resources, Tools & Services

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Site Flipping Cash

Title : Site Flipping Cash
Author : The Unselfish Marketer
Language : English
Page : 97 Pages
Size : 669 KB
Categories : internet marketing

Content :

Your Plan Of Action: Site Flipping
Maybe you've never written a snippet of HTML code, but would like the opportunity to flip a web site and make a profit. Well, today's technologies and online services make it pretty easy for anyone to get started building and selling websites. All the information is out there for the person who wants to become a web entrepreneur. But, this e-book gives you information on not just putting up a web site, but also how to position it to become as valuable as a piece of real estate property that you want to flip for a profit. For that, you will need to know some basics on what you need to get a web site up and running. While there are a myriad of technical details to this, you can find that out either by Googling terms or asking your service providers. We will list a number of different resources that can be mined for technical information at the end of this e-book, in the Resources section. This chapter deals with general information on how to plan to succeed by either learning what elements you will need to establish any web site, or also where to go find some of these services.
If you are just first starting out, this information is highly important, and even for those of you that have your own resources, you may find some additional tidbits
to make the structure of your business more efficient of money-saving

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